tOO WILD ImaginatioNs
Large = 19 inches*, Base price $45**
Smallest= 12.5 inches*, Base price $25**

Clothing price depends upon your choice, you choose the music button, too!

*sizes are approximate as it is dependent on material used.
**clothing, special materials requests are not included in the base price

Bears made from your jeans, blankie, or........................ anything!
Imagine! A teddy bear made just for you out of a favorite baby blanket, Grandma's quilt, your college sweatshirt, any type of material*. Contact us today to get pricing** and mailing information.
* No real animal fur, please!
**pricing depends upon the type of material to be used and size of bear requested. this one-of-a-kind bear today:
Harley SOLD!
ask us how to get a bear just like him

Lovey $75
Think Christmas or Spring!
Candy Cane $55